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All tours are hosted by a group leader, as well as a local tour guide.We offer a unique travel experience whether it be a cooking class, castle tour or an adventure you've never dreamed of. We cater to small or large groups, or women only groups. 


Assiniboia travel offers you a  selection of destinations at a great value. We can also arrange custom trips.


Make your dreams a reality! 


Come travel with us! 

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Scottish Aventure

Take part in Highland Games on this once in a lifetime adventure! All you have to do is show up! 


Travel Insurance can offer peace of mind for your upcoming trip. If something goes wrong, if your trip is interrupted or if you have to cancel, you can recover some or all of your costs.  

Contact Us 

We can help you get together the essentials of traveling, dependable travel insurance and much more! 

Contact us today and start planning your dream trip! 

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